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Panda Engine

All games made with Panda 2 are powered by it's own open-source JavaScript game engine.



Panda game engine has it's own custom renderer based on popular open source PixiJS.


Create stunning special effects using particles. Show example


Tween object properties with easing, looping and grouping. Show example


Gravity, hit detection and collision solving with different shapes. Show example


Add timers with callback functions and repeating. Show example

Mobile support

Make games for mobile and tablet devices.

Audio manager

Play sound effects and music in your game. Show example


Keep your code organized using modules.

Other features

  • Dynamic loader
    Load assets and audio between scenes.
  • Sprite sheets
    Package your sprites into one image file.
  • Animations
    Frame by frame animation from separate images, sprite atlas or sprite sheet. Show example
  • Interactivity
    Manage events for mouse and touch devices. Show example
  • Bitmap fonts
    Make great looking texts using bitmap fonts. Show example
  • Plugins
    Expand features with plugins.
  • Retina / HiRes
    Support for Retina and HiRes with auto image loading.
  • Object pooling
    Pool objects for better performance.
  • Local storage
    Save and get data using browser local storage. Show example
  • Page visibility
    Pause engine, when user switches to another tab.
  • Fullscreen
    Play your game on a browser with fullscreen mode.
  • Keyboard
    Use your keyboard to interact with your game.
  • Accelerometer
    Use device accelerometer to control your game.


View Panda Engine API documentation.


View interactive code examples.


You can join the development of the engine and contribute at GitHub.