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Exporting to Instant Games

Requires Panda 2 v1.5.0 or later

You can upload games directly to Instant Games from Panda 2. Before that, your game needs to have Instant Games plugin installed.

Create app

First you need to add new Facebook App.

Then add Instant Games to your app by pressing the "Set Up" button.

Open Web Hosting page and click on the "Get Asset Upload Access Token" button to get your Access Token for uploading.

You can also find your App ID from the top of the page. Copy both App ID and the Access Token, you will need them next.


First make sure you have Instant Games Bundle Configuration in your game config. Example:

game.config = {
    system: {
        width: 768,
        height: 1024,
        scale: true,
        center: true,
        resize: false
    instantGames: {
        system: {
            resize: true
        config: {
            instant_games: {
                platform_version: 'RICH_GAMEPLAY',
                navigation_menu_version: 'NAV_BAR'

For more info about Bundle Configuration, please refer to this link.

Open your game project in Panda 2 and click on the "Export" button.

Next click on "Instant Games" button.

Insert your App ID and Access Token to the next window and then click "Upload".

After the game is uploaded, you can click on the "Open dashboard" button to open app dashboard for your game.

You should see your just uploaded file in top of the list. When Facebook has done processing your upload, the status should change into "Standby". Then you can click on the "Push to production" button to make your game live and ready to be played on Instant Games.