Video Tutorials

1. Beginner

1.1. Getting started

Get started with Panda 2. Create new project, load assets and make your first class and sprite.

Watch videoDownload videoLength: 2:23

1.2. Game configuration

Learn how to setup your game. Change game size, scaling, centering etc.

Watch videoDownload videoLength: 2:48

1.3. Building Endless Runner game (Part 1)

Build new game from scratch. Learn basic techniques like physics, collisions, animations and timers.

Watch videoDownload videoDownload projectLength: 11:28

1.4. Building Endless Runner game (Part 2)

Take your game further with more advanced techniques like tweens, sounds and particles.

Watch videoDownload videoDownload projectLength: 10:50

1.5. User interface

Learn basics of the Panda 2 user interface.

Watch videoDownload videoLength: 4:37