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Panda Editor

Panda Editor is the main software of Panda 2, usually referred as Panda 2.


Code editor

Powerful JavaScript code editor with tons of features. Change font size, choose from multiple themes and use keyboard shortcuts. Auto-complete and multi selection will make your coding even faster.

Game view

See your game running right next to the code editor and see changes instantly with live updates as you save your code. The size of the game view can be modified to suit your needs. You can mute sounds from it and force it to act like a mobile device. Game view has it's own JavaScript console for easy debugging. You can also detach it into separate window, really handy when working with multiple monitors.


See all your classes in alphabetical order. Switch and restart scenes with just one click. New classes will appear automatically into the sidebar, when you save your code. By clicking on class, your code editor will jump right to the correct module and line number, ready to be edited.

Game engine

Games are powered with open source Panda game engine, that has been developed for over four years. It contains all the features needed for professional games like animations, physics, tweens, particles and so on. Read more...


Your game should run smoothly and that's when debugging tools come handy. Debug panel shows you live updated information like fps, draw calls, updates, physics bodies, tweens and timers. You can also visually see sprite bounds, hit areas, camera and physical bodies in your game.


What are you waiting for? Start making great games today!